Trust in Us

We are a support group for parents/carers of children who have been sexually abused.

After 18 years of working with children and young people who have been sexually abused, and their families, we are responding to a recognised need and wish to offer a welcoming environment where those with shared experiences can share and learn from each other.

Based in Devon, covering Plymouth and surrounding rural areas, we offer a weekly group session for 20 weeks.

During these sessions we will have space and time to listen and support, hold workshops, provide information, have expert speakers, and make some time to care for ourselves and have some fun.

We also offer a monthly drop in where the service can be ongoing for as long as you need.

Meet The Team

Jill Woodhouse MBE
Session Leader

Jill is a qualified social worker who has worked in the area of child sexual abuse for the past 27 years - 19 years at the NSPCC, and 8 years at a local special school.

After recognising a gap in adequate support services for the parents/carers, it became evident that what was required was a specialist support group.

Samantha Cude

Sam has also worked at the NSPCC, both in an administrative role, and in a voluntary role with children who have been abused.

She now works for a Devon local authority supporting children leaving care - using her skills and knowledge of troubled children to help them move into independence.

Lily Bricknell

Lily remains working with the NSPCC in an administrative role, a key part of this role is to welcome service users to the NSPCC centre.

Lily is known for her warm and welcoming approach.